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  • 15 Minute New Patient Consultation (Free)
    Dr. Hagmeyer offers a limited number of Free Phone Consultations each week. If you would like to personally speak with Dr. Hagmeyer to find out how he might be able to help you, please click on the blue link above and pick an available spot from the choices listed. We also suggest you complete the short Health questionnaire. 15 minutes goes by fast!-By filling out this questionnaire, you will get more value from these 15 minutes. 
    This free 15 minute appointment is a great opportunity to find out if you are a good candidate for the kind of care of Dr Hagmeyer provides. 
    Please note the purpose of this 15 minute consult is for the sole purpose of determining if you are a good candidate for Dr Hagmeyer' Care. Dr Hagmeyer cannot make any recommendations for treatment- i.e. diet, supplement, medications, testing, etc.  The process of determining the kind of diet you should be on, the kinds of supplements you are taking and the testing you need is determine by Dr Hagmeyer only affect he has thoroughly reviewed your health records. 

  • (30 minute) Consult (Paid) $99
    Every week I set aside several- 30 minute time slots where you can ask me anything you want and get instant feedback and solutions that you can implement right away. You can talk to me about any topic you’d like! In these consultations, you have the opportunity to share with me what you are struggling with–What you have done, Where you are with your health and Where you want to be in the future. You can ask me any questions you want during that 30 minute appointment, and I will do my best to answer them – Please understand- that I have not reviewed your medical health history and cannot make individualized Treatment recommendations as I would be able to do in a full Comprehensive Case Review. If you are in need of a more comprehensive review of records, determination of individual testing needs- I suggest you purchase a Case Review- Signature Program
  • (30 minute) Established Patient of Dr Hagmeyer (Trouble shoot) $99
    For existing patients only. A 30 minute consultation to troubleshoot any issues with your Treatment program. Please include a short description of your problem and I will review the relevant testing prior to appointment. 
  • Nutritional Counseling




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