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Jan T
I have Tried "EVERYTHING" or so I thought Until working with Dr Hagmeyer I came to Dr. Hagmeyer with chronic hives, headaches, anxiety, constant sinus problems, embarrassing stomach issues and list of other symptoms that would make anyone looking at this list, depressed. No matter what I tried and what I did nothing worked which only added to my depression and loss of hope in getting better. When I say I tried everything- I mean it. I tried “EVERYTHING” I have seen acupuncturists, chiropractors, chiropractic neurologists, naturopaths, hyperbaric chamber, countless conventional allopathic doctors, allergists, gastro doctors, functional medicine doctors. No body could help me. While each did something a little different than the previous- none of them looked at my “Big Picture”. No matter what supplements I took or what diet I followed, I was just not getting better. Dr Hagmeyer is the doctor that I give credit for giving me my life back. The best way to described Dr Hagmeyer is like the “detective of all detectives.” He looked at my case like no other doctor ever did. With Dr. Hagmeyer’s guidance, I began to recognize and understand histamine intolerance, its causes and how there were many problems that were contributing and tied into the histamine intolerance. These were the problems that other doctors just overlooked and failed to look at in the context of my health. Dr Hagmeyer carefully reviewed my entire health history and plotted out a course to get me better. I’m 6 or 7 months into my treatment and I feel like a new person. I feel wonderful! It’s been a huge transformation for me. Even people I haven’t seen in a while have comment on how much better I look. I am another walking, talking billboard for Dr Hagmeyer. If you have a difficult case, Dr Hagmeyer will figure you out.
Natasha J.
SIBO and Hashimotos Now Under Control Thanks to Dr Hagmeyer. SIBO and Hashimotos Now Under Control Thanks to Dr Hagmeyer. Years of being on the thyroid roller coaster and only getting worse, I finally reached out to Dr Hagmeyer. Dr Hagmeyer Big Picture approach is exactly what I was looking for. Numerous visits to other medical doctors and holistic doctors, yet Dr Hagmeyer is the only doctor who has been able to turn my health around and approach my problems in a methodical manner. Very grateful for Dr Hagmeyer’s dedication in the field of natural and functional medicine.
Lisa F
Words cannot describe how impressed I am with Dr. Hagmeyer's approach I have battled a snow ball effect of health issues for over half of my life going to several different doctors and specialists and trying every certain diet and supplement to find relief and my health kept getting worse. I was to the point all that I could consume was bone broth since my ibs symptoms and bloating were so bad and I arrived with extreme depression. I was at a very low place from my health, wandering what's the point of "life" and if there was even hope that I would get better. Ever. Enough was enough, I found Dr. Hagmeyer, he tested me thoroughly, which none of past professionals even would have had the comprehension of doing, and started me on a very specific protocol to address my underlying causes of my physical symptoms. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with Dr. Hagmeyer's approach and knowledge of the human body and functional medicine. I feel like I'm getting myself back, I can eat food again! And I'm getting off my SSRI ! I would look no further for a doctor, and I will not recommend anyone but Dr. Hagmeyer!
Gina V.
Feel Better Than Ever! Have been working with Dr Hagmeyer for my Hashimotos disease. I've been to so many other doctor including Functional Medicine doctors, but no one has approached my case as methodical as Dr Hagmeyer. This is the best I have felt in a long long time. Highly recommended.
Nancy K
My IBS is 90% Better! Knowledgable and Caring Doctor. I started working with Dr Hagmeyer abut 6 months ago for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, that I later found out was due to SIBO and and a problem with my pancreas. My SIBO test was just retested and it was negative, Yay!!!!!! I am about 90% better and feel so much better all over. No more stomach Pain and my bloating is about 90% better. I was a balloon after every meal and no longer feel like that. I spent Years going from one GI doctor to the next and continued to get worse and was tired of medications. Dr H is incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth. Its worth it!
Carrie K
Case Review Dr Hagmeyer was very knowledgeable and informative in my initial case review. What a good feeling to actually know where my imbalances were, which explains why I feel the way I do. I would recommend Dr Hagmeyer to others in their journey to better health.
Mark G
Appointment with Dr Hagmeyer Dr. Hagmeyer did an excellent job explaining my lab results and what the treatment protocol will look like. He takes the time to answer all the questions I had.
Melissa M
Great Doctor My first “visit” with Dr Hagmeyer was excellent. He is very knowledgeable; very patient and easy to understand; and very passionate about his practice. It was obvious that he put a lot of work into my individual presentation. I will be continuing with him. I wish the testing he is ordering would be faster, but that’s just the way it is. I want to start getting better ASAP and I feel confident that I will with Dr Hagmeyer.
Mary H
15 min consult It was simple to sign up for free consult, with various timeslots to pick from. Dr Hagmeyer and his staff were very polite and friendly. The consult was on time with no waiting. Dr Hagmeyer listened to my health issues before giving his advice. I felt no pressure to sign up for any particular treatment protocols. Dr Hagmeyer was empathic and concise on how he felt he could help me. At this point, would recommend his service to those who are anxious to get well.
Mariano L
Excellent consultation Dr Hagmeyer provided a comprehensive informative insight on possible causes for my chronic condition. He also explained the multitude of possible contributing factors with the recommended test to pin point triggers or possible underlining conditions.
Patricia K
case review Dr. Hagmeyer's report was very clear. He explained his thoughts and what testing he thought I should complete. He explained the connection between the different areas of concern and how the testing will give answers. I 'm very relieved for Dr. Hagmeyer's expertise and concern for my health issues. Dr. Hagmeyer is the first doctor to explain WHY things are happening and how I can get on the road to excellent health without just popping a pill. I GREATLY appreciate that!
Jen K
New Patient Experience I love Dr. Hagmeyer's approach. Very informative and he goes deeper into my medical concerns than any medical doctor or endocrinologist has ever before. I never felt rushed and liked that I could ask questions along the way of the case presentation.
Marjorie P
Case review I thought Dr Hagmeyer did a great job in explaining everything during my son’s case review. He took the time to clearly go over issues he thought that needed to be addressed to get to the root cause of my son’s IBS. He also answered questions that I had.
Carrie K
Case Review Dr. Hagmeyer was informational, thorough, and specific to my issues. What a great approach!
Josephine J
15 years of gut problems Gut problem had ruined the better part of the last 15 years of my life. I saw Dr Hagmeyer on YouTube and was super impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain problems related to the gut. He was the one to uncover where many of my gut problems were rooted. Thanks to his expertise all of my gut issues are now resolved and that is an amazing feat in itself. I can now eat most foods, that use to cause me terrible bloating and IBS-D. My Energy is up, I sleep great and I learned so much about the connection between the gut and depression. It’s made a huge difference to my health, I highly recommend Dr Hagmeyer and can’t thank him enough for giving me a quality of life that I was missing out on.
Neetu S
Excellent Excellent
Carmen P
It was a good presentation in a professional way . He took time to go through every details that makes concern with what ever health problem that I have.
Rachyl E
Case Review Wow! Super Impressed. Case review was unlike any other review with a Doctor. Incredibly knowledgable and very down to earth. Can't wait to get started.
Cameron B
A God Send Dr. Hagmeyer is truly a miracle find. He’s exceptional. What he put together as my case review was beyond anything I could have imagined. I have found someone who is extremely knowledgeable. But, more than that, he knows how to study a case and put the pieces together. I can’t wait to see where my treatment with him goes.
Linda P Sweden
Dr Hagmeyer’s office has made me want to live again!!! Linda P, Sweden “I am free from the cramp(s). My mental response is much better. My muscle performance is better… It is the best option in order to improve your health. It’s also the most caring office that I ever can imagine. Dr Hagmeyer’s office has made me want to live again. And made me see that there are many opportunities in order to improve your health.”
Lindsey D
Exceptional Care! I have been looking for a doctor like Dr. Hagmeyer for years! I am very impressed by the attention to detail! Looking forward to working together!
Cheryl K
Pleased with case review Just want to leave this feedback stating that my case review with Dr Hagmeyer excellent. This was not a cookie cutter approach to treating a patient as the majority of traditional doctors treat. Dr Hagmeyer was thorough, explained everything in the simplest terms, organized and pleasant. What I liked is that my whole case was organized and laid out under specific headings to addresses my case so that I can follow along with him.this was a good experience.i look forward to working with you
Cathy R
Eye opening case review I had my case reviewed by Dr. Hagmeyer today. He was very knowledgeable and informative. He made sure I understood everything that he was explaining to me. I felt as though I was actually listened too. I’ve been to numerous Dr’s in the past several years and none of them actually heard me! To have a Dr. acknowledge my symptoms was eye opening. I knew I wasn’t crazy! (Still debatable) I am very excited to get started on my journey back to my healthy self!
Cheryl K
Pleased with case review Very thorough review and analysis. Very privileged to have a doctor who has this type of knowledge and willing to share it with others. Thank you Dr Hagmeyer.
Miracle worker! I was referred to Dr Hagmeyer because of an auto-immune thyroid problem, constant bloating and male hormonal issues. When many other doctors were not able to help me figure out what was wrong- I realized I needed a different approach. I like Dr Hagmeyer’s big picture and with all the problems I had going on, I knew this is what I needed. I’m about 5 months into treatment and all I can say is I feel like a new man. At 35 years old, when I first started my Testosterone was 258 which is realy low, but what was even more concerning was my estrogen levels that were high. No doctor checked all of my hormones like Dr Hagmeyer did. All past doctors kept focusing on was my low testosterone. Each doctor wanted me to keep taking testosterone and every time I tried taking it, I felt sick and worse. I just got my retesting back last week and its now 854. Dr Hagmeyer worked on my adrenals, my liver, blood sugar, my gut and many other things. He found things that other doctors missed- that’s what I liked about his approach- he is very thorough. My energy is better, my brain fog is gone, my sex drive is almost back to normal. I feel 90% better. I feel like a new man. He is a great doctor- I call him Dr House because to me he is a miracle worker.
Excellent Excellent diagnosis of the root cause.
Nancy I.
Case Review Had my case review with Dr Hagmeyer today and I can say that I was thoroughly impressed. Dr is Brilliant! He was also on time and provided me with a report that was tailored to all my concerns. I feel like I am finally in the RIGHT place. Can't wait to start testing.
Finally A doctor who listens! Dr Hagmeyer is a super doc! I am so glad to have found a doctor who I truly trust with my health. It has been a long road for me (20 years) with gut issues, hormone imbalances and Hashimotos. What I like about Dr Hagmeyer is his approach to restoring health. I like the BIG picture he speaks of. While other doctors only looked at the pieces of my health puzzle- No doctor every explained the connections. I believe this was what was missing in my healing journey. Dr Hagmeyer is super encouraging and every consult I have with him has taken me to the next level. I always feel good when I get off the phone with him as he always has new suggestions and he always listens to me. Since working with Dr Hagmeyer my energy is back- I don’t need to take 2 naps every day to just get through the day, my digestion is now working again, my hair and nails are stronger, I’m sleeping better and I have lost 36 pounds!!!! I have spent thousands of dollars with other doctors with other doctors and my only regret is not finding and working with Dr Hagmeyer sooner.
Marianne B
Review Review
sofie b
Very helpful I can't wait to work with Dr.Hagmeyer to get my health back in check
This is health CARE! This is health CARE! Dr Hagmeyer wants you to improve and heal and you can see how much he cares? After working with a lot of doctors, I finally found Dr Hagmeyer. Dr Hagmeyer and his staff do a great job right from the start. He explains what kind of supplements he'll put me on based on my testing and my nutritionist was fantastic and really helped me with food choices and keeping me motivated. Without Dr Hagmeyer and his team, I would have no clue on how to turn my health around. I would probably be taking Probitoics and drinking bone broth thinking I'm cured! I've been dealing with a lot of issues due to celiac disease, bouts of colitis, adrenal fatigue, Lyme disease and a thyroidectomy in 2004. I wish I had found Dr Hagmeyer many many years ago. I'm certain he would've been able to heal my gut back then and I would never had to go through all this for the last 15 years. I have 1 more protocol before we do retesting, It's been a roller coaster of feeling better and then a few fallbacks, but a lot shorter episodes of the fallbacks. Believe me, I've been in a very dark place. Now I can breathe better, anxiety and panic attacks are gone or subsided, sleep is 100% better, I’m less anxious and less angry with people around me. I'm more positive and I feel a bit alive again. The last protocol is starting now, and I'm looking forward to see more progress. It takes time. Humans are organic and it's great when we can heal that way too. Gina and Katherine are very responsive. I'm out of state, so I e-mail them when have a quick question and I always get a response the same day. I'm very thankful my husband searched and found Dr Hagmeyer.
Wonderful consult. Dr Hagmeyer is wonderful!!! I came across Dr Hagmeyer on his Youtube channel and I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and information presented. I was struggling with thyroid disease and bouts of hypoglycemia/Hyper glycemia.
Leila B
Gina Customer service has been amazing and welcoming! Thank you
Stuart S
Very knowledgeable doctor Thank you Dr.Hagmeyer for taking the time to talk with me briefly about my stomach issues. I can tell right away you are smart and very knowledgeable.. I look forward to being a patient of yours.
Michael D
phone consultation with Dr. Hagmeyer I spoke with Dr Hagmeyer today and i am blown away with the information and feedback he gave me regarding my Hyperthyroidism. Thank you so much for your time.
Life Saver

Dr Hagmeyer has changed and improved my life in so many ways. Years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease, then a mitochondrial problem, then I became diabetic. Today, I feel better than Ever and I owe it to Dr Hagmeyer and his expertise. I have better digestion, better hormone balance, my Brain Fog is gone, my thyroid levels look better than ever. I'm actually off my thyroid medications. I tell everyone I meet about Dr Hagmeyer